Important Documents

Village Design Statement

The Design Statement describes Longney and Epney Parish as it is today and highlights the particular qualities for which it is valued. The Statement is based on the views of its residents so that local knowledge, views and ideas may contribute to the future and the quality of their environment. The aim is to ensure that further development and change, based on a considered understanding of the villages’ past and present, will contribute positively to a sustainable future for the Parish and protect and enhance its unique and special characteristics.

You can download a copy of the Village Design Statement by clicking the link below.

Note, this is quite a large document so if your email connection is slow it may take a couple  of minutes to download.

Parish Plan

The Parish Plan is a document that was completed by Susannah Finzi, an Epney Resident and Councillor in 2007.  This document looks at how parishioners would like to see their parish change or not in the future. We are currently working on making this very large document available on the website.

Emergency Plan

Local Emergencies

This Parish Emergency Plan is not a substitute for actions taken in these situations by District, County or National emergency services, but experience has shown that locally focussed preparation and action can be immensely valuable.

By “emergency” we mean an event such as -

  • Flood, regardless of source;
  • Major power failure (not scheduled) likely to last more than 6 hours;
  • Water cuts (not scheduled) like to last more 6 hours;
  • Major interruption to road access (snow, flood, accident, bridge breakdown);
  • A major hazard (e.g. burning vehicle with a dangerous load within the Parish or an adjoining Parish);

Getting information out to residents which may be urgent and managing the situation from a single central local point is a vital part of this plan. All residents who have already given permission for their phone or email to be used for this purpose can now be sent a text, voicemail or email message in the event of an emergency. The system has already been used to good effect in the snowy conditions in January 2010.

If there is anything you would like to add, or be considered by the Parish Council please click here.

For a copy of the local emergency plan download the Parish Emergency Plan here:

Parish Council Code of Conduct

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the Longney and Epney Parish Council Code of Conduct.